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murshed 12-04-2002 05:42 AM

plesk control panel question

well i don't know if i could ask this here, but sure its linux related but it is more in the server side .. i asked in forum and the company's forum + TT and didn't get any answers that fixed teh problem .. and am here with a great hope that you guyz could help

well .. all that happened when i changed the server time 4 hours backwards to suite my country's timing .. i did that from plesk control panel

since that day ( Nov the 17th):

1. webalizer stopped generating new statics
2. log files are not deleted on monthly bases as it is configured on plesk (it was working but today we are in on the 4th of Dec and still they are not deleted or reset) i tried doing:
rm -rf access_log .. it was deleted .. and i then did touch access_log to create one .. but its size didn't change at all even when many visitors are online ..( i did it using root from SSH)
3. plesk stopped counting the real disk space of each site .. and also it doesn't count the traffic.

i tried restarting psa .. nothing changed

please i need this to be fixed very soon ... i really appreciate your help ..
thanks in advance

KevinJ 12-04-2002 12:13 PM

What happens if you put the time back the way it was?


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