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Serena 04-21-2002 12:24 PM

partition plan
I want to have partitions for /boot, /, /usr, /var, and one more partition to contain /home and everything local. That last partition can then be backed up to CD more aggressively than the others which won't change as much. Either during or after Linux install, how can I get /home to work as /whatever/home? The local part seems easy enough since it should be empty after a new install. But moving /home out of the / partition seems a problem since there might be some open files under /home. Why not make /home and /local partitions? I already had to two re-installs for getting the partition sizes wrong. Now that I know appropriate sizes for /usr and /var, I want the simplicity of giving all of the remainder of that drive to a combined /home and local partition.

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