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Nic-MDKman 02-04-2004 08:28 AM

Other Kernels
I wasnt sure where to put this thread, and I am not even really sure that it belongs on, but it is partially related to linux, so i will ask! :D

I have been doing some reading recently about other kernels. One that has my interest is a project at MIT for an exokernel. I have also heard about HURD (sp?). (No pun intended). I am curious if there are alternate kernels that I can play with on my computer in a Linux-like setup (I assume I cant say in a Linux setup as Linux is specifically the Kernel developed originally by Linus Torvalds, correct? :scratch: ) Or are there kernel variations within Linux?


whansard 02-04-2004 08:33 AM

within linux, just the source trees 2.x.x major.minor versions, and various patches, but it's all just variations of the same thing. you can look at the hurd at debian.
perhaps you're not aware of netbsd, freebsd, and openbsd. similar software to linux,
completely different kernels.

Thymox 02-04-2004 07:13 PM

There are many other free (as in beer) *nix variants around. I enjoy playing around with QNX occasionally.

What's this about an exokernel?

Nic-MDKman 02-05-2004 02:19 PM

The exokernel is a project that is pretty interesting, but looks like it is still a long way off. I found somewhere that you can download it from, but all you can do is see if it boots or not.

The primary issue is that there is probably no way whatsoever to have current software work on that OS.

Instead of having everything passed through the kernel, the OS is setup with an exokernel stucture that basically lets all of the programs manage themselves. It almost has the efficiency of having each task running on a separate processor. Now, there were some VERY detailed explanations as to how it prevents runaway tasks and tasks that manage their resources poorly, but that info was WAY over my head.

Here is the project:

natalinasmpf 02-06-2004 01:57 AM

I see, its like a Wine emulation layer instead of a VMware kind of thing. :)

Nic-MDKman 02-07-2004 07:19 AM


Originally posted by natalinasmpf
I see, its like a Wine emulation layer instead of a VMware kind of thing. :)
No, it's an operating system. Or, at least, is beginning to be.

snacky 02-07-2004 07:37 AM
Good info on installing HURD. Links to all the stuff you'd need to download in order to get started.

As far as I can see, HURD is full of seemingly great ideas that do not live up to their lofty promises. But it sounds like you just want to play around more than anything else.

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