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Showtime8000 10-24-2004 05:28 PM

One newb's disaster
Well, its not a disaster YET, but I need some serious help.

After wrestling with a dual-boot WinXP/RH7 for awhile, I decided I wanted to eliminate Red Hat altogether and just stick solely with XP.

Impulsive me, I started up ParitionMagic8.0, erased three partitions (they all were linux partitions), and reformatted WindowsXP (I really wanted to start over).

So, at this point, I have three partitions: Primary (With a reinstalled XP, i suppose), another partition with a HD image backup, and another partition I dont quite remember.

So I restore my backup image from another partition, and reboot. But instead of shooting to Windows, it has me at a grub command line with "limited commands."

I think I might have deleted an important partition, /boot. I want to boot to XP. Im about to create a PartitionMagic floppy, but I need help before I continue. How do I boot to Windows? ive deleted all three linux partitions!(/boot, swap, and *, but im NOT TOTALLY SURE)

Please help me!:eek:

XavierP 10-24-2004 05:32 PM

You need to restore your MBR. Boot from XP cd and (at the rescue console) type in fixmbr.

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