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Imek 01-07-2004 02:54 PM

NVIDIA Driver problem (attempted to move to 2.6, failed miserably)

I followed a guide in the Gentoo forums on compiling and installing the 2.6 kernel. Oddly enough, it seemed to work, but now, as usual, I have problems with installing the nvidia drivers for the new kernel. No matter what I try, it refuses to compile nvidia-kernel. If I try to emerge it, I get a bunch of stuff about incomplete types, then a "make: *** [nv.o] Error 1". If I download the nvidia-kernel tar and try to make it, I get an Error 1 aswell. I have no idea what this means. On top of that, when I boot back to the old kernel It refuses to load the nvidia module and it also gives me the same errors when I try to make the drivers then. I have a feeling I've probably done something really stupid, but could someone please help me with this anyway?


vinay_s_s 01-07-2004 04:34 PM

You will need to install it from source not emerge. Check for further details

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