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chrismiceli 12-14-2002 04:43 PM

num lock
is there a way i can get the number lock key to be on on the boot up, i am running rh8 w/ enlightenment, i don't boot directly into x..

Druaga 12-14-2002 05:44 PM

that should explain it:

chrismiceli 12-14-2002 06:20 PM

that won't work because x turns off the number lock key when you start it up, i boot into the cli mode, not x.

shoot2kill 12-14-2002 06:45 PM

Is there an option for you to set on your system bios which allows you to enable the numlock on boot?

chrismiceli 12-14-2002 07:06 PM

there is an option in the bios, but the bootloader turns numlock off, and then the kernel loading turns it off, then x turns numlock off, i want it to be on after x loads.

Ciccio 12-14-2002 11:48 PM

at start there is a service called numlock... it is self explainatory. You can use a script to start it again if starting X stops it.

chrismiceli 12-15-2002 12:28 AM

this is what i get.
[root@localhost root]# service numlock start
numlock: unrecognized service

MasterC 12-15-2002 12:46 AM

What wm you use? I have seen alot of threads addressing it, but really don't have the need for it. I use a gkrellm plugin to see if it's on, if not, I click the button and it's on. No biggie. But if you are really into that kind of thing, here's a link to some threads addressing it:

Both those might help.


Ciccio 12-15-2002 01:47 PM

Uh... that is strange... run setup and set it to be enabled at start.

sorry, numlock is a Mandrake service in redhat I don't know what it is called. It must be there... I assume it would be called something alike. Try google.

peeples 12-16-2002 08:17 AM

That link in reply #2 is mine. It has two steps, one for CLI, and one for GUI. If you use both of them, your numlock will be on at all times.

Ciccio 12-16-2002 09:11 AM

Excuse my ingorance. does CLI stand for Common Linux Interface???

peeples 12-16-2002 11:28 AM

If I understand it right, it's Command Line Interface.

Ciccio 12-16-2002 06:29 PM

uh... right... I was just guessing... he he...

zLinuxz 12-16-2002 07:11 PM

ehm, I understand. REally, I do understand that you would really like the amenity of not having to click that so HARD to reach button right about the 7 in the numberkey pad.
I do understand...really...why don't you just press the damn button?

after all, it's off as default for a reason.

LOL, ;)

Ciccio 12-16-2002 07:22 PM

because if it were on you would be writing a script to shut it off at every boot.!!!!

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