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Syed Mazhar Ali 05-01-2002 12:01 AM

Ntfs & Fat32
Does linux support NTFS and FAT32 partitions? If it does, then how do i mount those partitions. I have MP3 files in those partitions and i want to play them :)

zmedico 05-01-2002 12:42 AM

FAT32 has been supported for awhile but you need a 2.4.18 or higher kernel for NTFS support

You can edit your "/etc/fstab" file to automatically mount your M$ partitions. To find out how, do "man fstab"

Here is the line from my "/etc/fstab" that mounts my FAT32 partition:
/dev/hdc1 /mnt/hd/c/1 vfat umask=007,uid=500,gid=500 0 0

DMR 05-01-2002 03:41 AM

Linux fully supports FAT/FAT32 partitions, in that it can mount, read from, and write to them. Support for writing to NTFS has been experimental (read: "don't try this at home, kids") , because NTFS is a more complicated fs than FAT32, and is therefore harder to reverse engineer. I haven't looked into the release info at sourceforge that zmedico posted; hopefully it gets us closer to full NTFS compatibility.

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