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Hacker 11-27-2001 01:13 PM

Notebook Targa Trvaller 600
If Anyone have NoteBook Targa Traveller 600 Send Me E-mail: Please I Need Something With Him Or Her...

trickykid 11-27-2001 02:26 PM

what exactly do you need? maybe if its something Linux related someone here can help without having one of their own.. unless your needing something physically from another person with the same machine.. ?????

Hacker 11-27-2001 02:39 PM

If anyone can, give me on e-mail how i can install linux rh 7.2 on this laptop?

trickykid 11-27-2001 02:56 PM

what are the specs on this laptop?? does it have a floppy drive to boot and install from?? its wise to check out the hardware with compatibilty lists with redhat and maybe xfree86 to insure they will work on rh 7.2. also, have you checked out for info. tons of laptops with details on how each person got linux to run their laptops.

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