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make 08-26-2004 09:34 AM

Not stopping services at shutdown/restart, just S01reboot?
Maybe a stupid question...

I decided to make rebooting and shutdown very fast by removing all else than S01reboot and S01halt from /etc/rc6.d and /etc/rc0.d. It just unmounts the drives and nothing else. Can this cause any trouble?

Shutdown is extremely fast now, just 2 seconds. :D

Joubert79 08-26-2004 05:20 PM

Given that you don't give your processes the oportunity to shutdown gracefully, you might experience some unpredictable behaviour. OK, so unmounting the drives will flush any unwritten data to disk and you wont currupt your filesystem, but some processes might buffer their output internally or perhaps need to save state information for the next restart, etc. This will of course depend on the particular processes you run.

I would say it's a better idea let processes terminate themselves where possible, ie a lengthier shutdown.

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