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natto34 07-13-2002 11:15 PM

Non-root user problems
I have recently built a lfs linux distro and installed X & Gnome on it. As root, i have no problems in Gnome. Every app works perfectly. But if I am any non root user, Gnome-terminal won't run, Mozilla freezes Gnome (forces me to CTRL-ALT-BACKSP), etc. It must be a huge problem with permissions b/ I have no idea where to start. If you can provide me with any assistance please respond.

aredshaw 07-16-2002 02:41 PM

tried this?
Have you tried using kuser? You can see what each user is able to run. Double click on the new user and then you can check out the groups in the groups tab. Put a check next to whatever you want them to have permissions to run.

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