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Paul12 07-25-2001 03:05 AM

No volume control for users, only root has it
Hi, I've reinstalled Md7.2 and found that for users I was getting the error about the soundcard being used or not configured correctly.

I added the users to the audio group which gave them sound but in using say Xmms you can't control the volume. The volume is always constant for users.

I also tried to run aumix from the users but it wont run. In the terminal it just brings up the command prompt again. It doesn't appear as in root.

In root all is well. How can I give volume control to users?

isajera 07-25-2001 11:46 AM

is it only xmms that can't control the volume, or is it any user-run sound application?

edv 07-25-2001 03:22 PM

For what it's worth, I have the same problem using CD player. I finally discovered that kmix will control the volume of an audio CD, even though the player itself will not.

Paul12 07-26-2001 12:58 AM

Thanks for your helps but something else broke when I booted yesturday. It has locked the cdrom and floppy for all, including root. I spent several hours reading through alot of the old posts and documentaition from all places and managed to get the floppy going for root but not the cdrom.

Thanks, but I'm giving up the ghost on on MD, its the only cd I have and I don't have the time for it, its just too time consuming, with little or no result when things break and you don't know who, how, why, when, and where. Somthing like that.

Thanks again and sorry to have wasted your time.

Another one bites the dust.

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