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GUIPenguin 03-10-2006 08:25 AM

Need help with dhcp.conf file for diskless nodes
I currently have a 2 node distcc distrubuted compiling cluster setup. It works fine. Now I am interested in moving the clients to be diskless. This totural should be all I will need to get my setup going... but... I am having a really hard time with the dhcp.conf file.

I am using etherboot with floppys to boot my clients. << that is my basic dhcp.conf file for setting up my diskless nodes for but why is my client not getting dhcped when booting from a floppy? is there somethign wrong in this?

its funny because this will dhcp a normal computer fine.. and no its not the client because I have tested it on my currently running ltsp server..

thanks for your help

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