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*Dark Dragon* 05-13-2006 05:25 PM

Need assistance from US Linux users, will pay for help
You can help me very easy, and I will pay you some money for that, so read on.

I'm disabled so I cannot work outside my home. Also, I living very far from nearest city (Tula) in the Russia (because of that I have expensive connection throw GPRS to the Internet - about $0.22 per MB). After spending some time I found that profitable online work is possible in the NOCS ( But there is problem, only US residents can receive all paid tasks, all others will get much less work. I have a friend that living within US, he can give me real street US address and US phone (NOCS will call if I try to withdraw money from my account). But, unfortunately, he cannot give me US IP address (because his computer works only few hours per day and also uses unstable Windows instead of Linux). If your computer works for 24 hours per day (or at least more then 20-22 hours per day) and you work under Linux (or under *BSD or maybe other *NIX - please specify your OS if so), you can help me by installing simple proxy and I will provide you with config file (only authorized user will be able to use your proxy). Everyday traffic throw your proxy will be very small - about 5-15 megabytes per day equals 150-450 megabytes per month. I will pay you some money for that (please tell your price yourself: how much you want for your help). Your proxy server will be used only by me alone for work with NOCS (so if I decide someday not to work anymore with NOCS - your proxy will not be used at all).

I can pay money to you by transferring them to your USD bank account (preffered method for me) or by dipositing them to your e-gold or webmoney account. Also I can pay via Western Union but this definitely not preffered method for me because of REALLY big commision for small transactions via their system.

XavierP 05-13-2006 05:34 PM

I am closing this thread. Please do not offer money to our members. Also, you are asking us to help you defraud a company. Whatever your intentions, that is what you want us to do. We cannot help you with this.

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