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Not now, John! 07-13-2004 06:56 PM

Native Language Support = utf8 and vfat problem (possible kernel bug)
On my comp. I have Linux-2.4.26 and MS Windows ME. Win ME uses cp1250 (Central European) code page. In few files I use national characters like đčć.

I compiled linux with default utf-8 code page (File Systems -> Native Language Support), and I noticed following problem.

When I mount vfat partition, filenames are properly displayed (even those containing local characters).

But when I save or copy files to this vfat partition, FAT entries are not valid. MS Scan Disk or Symantec Norton Disk Doctor reports an error saying that long filename is not properly associated with short (MS-DOS) filename. When I delete that file from within Windows, some FAT entry remains and MS Scan Disk reports an error.

This problem is solved by compiling kernel with default cp437 code page, but then filenames containing local characters are not properly displayed (there's ? where local character shoul be).

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Could this be a kernel bug that I should report to the developers?

kennithwang 08-31-2007 09:52 PM


Have you solved this problem now?

Have you studied the source-code of Linux Kernel?


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