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Brandis 05-22-2001 03:23 PM

I installed Red Hat 7 a few weeks ago and it's been working fine. Now all of a sudden I'm getting this error message that says something about being "mysteriously murdered", and I can't figure it out. The last time I was logged in trouble-free, I changed the display settings for the screen, and I'm wondering if this may have caused a problem. But I don't know how to get back into that without being in graphical mode. HELP!!!!


trickykid 05-22-2001 04:06 PM

Were you running GNOME as your desktop? What is the full error message? If your at the command, you can type df, and see if your disk is full, that sometimes can clear up this problem by clearing some disk space.
Or try starting the system in single-user mode (or running the command 'telinit 3' to switch to the "normal" multi-user mode without any display manager (graphical login) running. Then remove the PID file and any stray core files in the root, /root and similar directories.
Or you can try to reconfigure X by using Xconfigurator to see if that gets you back into X windows.

Brandis 05-22-2001 04:28 PM

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I ran Xconfigurator and it worked like a charm. I'm back in graphics-land!


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