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sewer_monkey 02-20-2003 05:47 PM

MySQL connections from got me baffled!
Hiya all!

I have a MySQL server (RedHat 8.0 standard updated RPMs mysql-3.23.54a-4 and mysql-server-3.23.54a-4) running on my box. I also have a NAT firewall running on my subnet (my Linux server is my NAT firewall).

I have been able to use the MySQL normally without any problems from any outside computer (just connected to my IP address to port 3306). Right now, however I can't. I can't even telnet to port 3306. When I try to telnet in, my connection gets dropped after I connect. This is behaviour typical to tcpd when something goes wrong. A successful TCP connection is made, but it's dropped quickly before the daemon has a chance to say anything.

Since I am not running mysqld from xinetd, I have no idea why it does it. The only clue I have is that this started happening when I upgraded rom RedHat 7.2 to RedHat 8.0. Possibly the RedHat 8.0 version of the RPMs has some stupid security lockout in the mysqld startup script that RedHat likes to put in their RPMs for some reason (ever tried enabling XDMCP on RedHat? ;)).

To rule out other possibilities, I have done the following:
  • Added the line mysqld: to my /etc/hosts.allow file to rule out the tcpd TCP wrapper (even though since I am running mysqld as a standalone daemon, this should not have any effects). This had no effect.
  • Disabled iptables alltogether. No effect.
  • Forwarded port 3307 from my outside IP to (the server's NATted IP) port 3306. No effect.
That last test actually makes me even more suspicious of tcpd-like activity... :confused:

I would also like to add that the RedHat startup script for MySQL uses safe_mysqld rather than just running the mysqld binary directly. I am now suspicious that this is the cause. Before I start messingwith the scripts further, however, I'd appreciate any input you may have on this... Thanks!!! :D

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