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katana 11-20-2002 02:20 AM

My amazing floppy problem..
Helo all..
An amazing thing just happened to me: it seems like I couldnt mount my floppy disk !!:(( I ran the usual command:

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

Which usually works...but after some problem with my kernel (which leads to my compiling a new one, see my other recent thread), now I cant mount my floppy!!! It just gives me this error when I want to mount:

mount: you must specify the filesystem type

This has never been a problem before. What could have caused it? And how do i fix it? I'm desperate to use my floppy drive since I want to creat a lilo bootfloppy for use with my new kernel....somebody help me :(


Paul_assheton 11-20-2002 04:43 AM

What is the floppy formated as?

If it is a Dos floppy then check to see if you have forgotten to include dos file system support in your new kernel. I always forget to include dhcp when I create new kernels.


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