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realos 07-30-2002 04:49 PM

mutt says: "~/Mail/Inbox: No such file or directory (errno = 2)"
I successfully configured mutt, sendmail, fetchmail and procmail on my system ....yuhoooooo

Now, as I can use mutt and send and receive emails I still face some minor problems. :-)

$MAIL is pointing to /var/spool/mail/user
with /var/spool/mail/user being a link to ~/Mail/Inbox
relevant settings from .muttrc
set spoolfile = "~/Mail/Inbox"
set folder = "~/Mail"
set mbox =" ~/Mail/Inbox"

Mutt starts as expected with Inbox as the default folder but when I quit mutt or change to another folder it asks:
"Move read messages to ~/Mail/Inbox? ([n]/y): " (I say yes)

then this error message appears.
"~/Mail/Inbox: No such file or directory (errno = 2)"

when I loooked for /var/spool/mail/user it's name was changed to
BOGUS.user.GFDB----->>~/Mail/Inbox which still leads to the same file without complaining.

I can still use mutt afterwards and do my regular tasks though this behavious does not seem to be normal.

I have already gone though a few mailing lists archives but to no avail so far. Recreating Inbox with touch does not make any difference. Inbox is of mbox type since it begins with "From" and on the other hand mutt can read the messages from this file without complaining.

I am at loss ppl,

can anyone help me with this???

realos 08-01-2002 03:05 AM

well, I solved the problem by myself.

set mbox= +Inbox
set spoolfile= +Inbox

was the solution

happy tuxing

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