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jtwdyp 04-12-2011 02:21 PM

Multi_key, xorg.conf & setxkbmap
Hello, I've only recently learned how to use the "Multi_key" function of the X windows system... I learned how to set a ‘compose key’ from:

Which I found via google. It gave both directions for defining a compose key in the xorg.conf file. which method did NOT work for me on Arch Linux «even after a full reboot...»

I'm not all that concerned about that however, because I find the temporary setxkbmap method more appealing anyway. A simple ‘~/bin’ bash script which if $1 begins with -h will less /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose and will otherwise run the command:

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -option compose:rwin
Which «unlike the xorg.conf method» works like a charm...

My question is IF I use the above setxkbmap command to enable a Multi_key, is there also a setxkbmap command I could issue to disable it???

David the H. 04-12-2011 03:06 PM

Man sexkbmap

-option name      Specifies  the  name  of  an  option  to  determine  the
                  components which make up the keyboard description; multiple
                  options may be specified, one per -option flag.  Note that
                  setxkbmap adds options specified in the command line to the
                  options that were set before (as saved in root window
                  properties). If you want to replace all previously specified
                  options, use the -option flag with an empty argument first.

So simply run it with an empty -option flag. Or if you want to change to a new setting, then use two -option tags; an empty one to clear the previous settings, and a second one to apply the new settings.

setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout us -option -option compose:lwin

jtwdyp 04-13-2011 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by David the H. (Post 4322476)
Man sexkbmap

Whoopsie... I should have tried that. I'm thinking I was tired. But thanks for the help.

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