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anoopsinha 11-22-2004 11:48 AM

Mplayer shows blue screen on playing divx files
Hello people

I am running Gentoo 2004.3 on a P4. Installed mplayer a few hours back. Just found out that while it plays normal mpg files well, it just gives a blue screen when I try to play divx or xvid files. Interestingly, the sound of the movie is pretty clear.

Help me, people... I am getting desperate!

Thank you in advance.


acid_kewpie 11-22-2004 02:23 PM

well the sound would be likely to be clear as it's totally unrelated to the video output. while the output shouldn't be related to the input type, generally it would be your choice of video output that's making it blue. that blue is the xvideo output window whic should be being overlayed with teh real image which should be being sent directly to your video card. try using an alternative video output, eg "mplayer -vo x11" or "mplayer -vo xover" you can see all potential outputs from "mplayer -vo help"

anoopsinha 11-22-2004 07:04 PM

mplayer -vo x11 works!

But the picture has a kinda blue tint and I cannot go to full screen mode.

And, by the way, I tried using xine (kaffeine) too... blue screen again.

SciYro 11-22-2004 07:26 PM

some videos just don't get along with certain drivers, same goes for audio (altho audio problems happen a lot less)

just go thru the driver list ( don't use the drivers that sound like image names!, those output the video as pictures in the correct directory ... very messy)

that blue tint is also normal, a lot of people have it, i recommend find another driver to use, but there is a solution to the tint problem " mplayer -vo x11 -vf rgb2bgr " should work .. or does rgb2bgr need a option? /// anyways, this will switch the red and blue colors, making it normal again, but any video that played normally would then get that tint .......... better just using a different output driver ....



sdl takes a few seconds to full screen, and those x* drivers can tint your windows if you play more then 1 file at once

chii-chan 11-23-2004 01:23 AM

What video/display card do you use? Maybe the display card is kind of old one. Considering that you could not view divx and xvid files, maybe you did not have the divx/xvid enabled when you compiled mplayer (you have to compile them (softwares) yourself in Gentoo right, I don't know).

anoopsinha 11-23-2004 06:05 AM


mplayer -vo xv works just fine!!

Thank you again!

acid_kewpie 11-23-2004 06:09 AM

that's odd... i was assuming that that was what was failing... certainly if xv works, that's the one you want.

chii-chan 11-23-2004 06:39 PM

Usually mplayer will use -vo xv by default.

fakie_flip 05-11-2008 06:41 PM

I was having the blue tint problem with all video players that I had tried, totme-xine, vlc, and possibly mplayer too. I adjusted some settings in nvidia-settings gui and clicked "reset to hardware defaults" on some things. Then I went back to my video and noticed it was the correct color. Hope this helps someone.

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