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NGraphiX 04-09-2003 08:41 AM

moving partitions - continued
Me again. I want to move my partitions around currently I have:

/hda1 NTFS bootable
/hda2 ext3 /boot
/hda3 ext3 /
/hda4 NTFS windows
/hda5 FAT32 windows
/hda6 ext3 /home
/hda7 ext3 ..empty..

basically i want to delete windows and have only:

/hda1 ext3 /
/hda2 ext3 /usr
/hda3 ext3 /home


Can I back up all my data on the extended partition?
Do I use 'dd' or 'cp -R' ?
How do I verify that all the data is backed up?

any advice, tips, etc.. ?

wapcaplet 04-09-2003 09:08 AM

It may be easier to re-assign your ex-Windows partitions to something else, rather than combining them with existing ones. That way, you won't need to backup anything, and you'll still have the advantage of multiple partitions if something bad happens to any one of them.

Having /, /home, and /usr is pretty minimal. You could keep a small one aside for /boot, maybe one for /var, another small-to-medium one for /tmp. I've set aside a large partition on my disk for /pub, which I use to share stuff between users. Then of course you could have a swap partition if you want it, and maybe a separate /var/www if you're doing web hosting.

After you set all of them up to be mounted automatically, it'll look like one nice big drive.

Just my $0.02 :)

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