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Dswissmiss 05-05-2004 05:36 PM

Moving from Libranet to either Debian or Slack
Hi guys,

I've been using Libranet 2.8 exclusively for about a month now, and I'm looking to soon use windows only for gaming, and adopt linux as my primary os. Before I back everything up and erase my hard drive, I also wanted to give Slackware a quick try, if I can't figure it out I'll just go with Debian.
I basically wanted to know which configuration files, like my xf86config and apt-sources, I should maybe print out to save some headache while installing linux. Also, Libranet makes it easy to have cool mouse pointers and true type fonts, is there anyway I can find and save them so I can use them on slack or debian?

I think I can figure out how to configure x with xf86config, sound with Alsa and my printer with cups, but how do I configure my internet connection with slack and debian?

Thank you

ps. with regards to slack, I wanted to use dropline-gnome...can I install it over the regular gnome, or do I not install anything from disk, and then install from the command line?

chakkerz 05-06-2004 02:18 AM

i think you will find that slackware and debian are reasonably similar, in that if it works in Slackware it works in debian and vice versa.

The major difference, i felt, was that slackware doesn't have apt-get and that can be a curse or blessing. I am rather fond of the slackware installpkg tool, though at the moment ... fir instance, i have KDE 3.2.2 installed and not working, because nothing told me i needed X 4.4.0 (i think it was), eitherway i got it on my laptop and that's the difference, but this could be a problem if i didn't have the second system, and also, switching back isn't that much of an issue if you have the old install files ... i;m sure this is possible on debian, but i much prefer slackware.

Both are of the nature that it linux should be customizable, and both refrain from distro specific tools (installation software excluded for obvious reasons).

I'd like to mention that rpm2tgz so far has always worked for me flawless, regardless of what distro the rpm was for.

debian probably has better package release support, but slackware is pretty up to date on it's libaries, so most things compile flawless from source.

With Slackware we are all pretty much anticipating a new release ...though nothing has been formally announced i do believe.

Dswissmiss 05-06-2004 04:47 PM

The issue with debian always seemed that it was hard to install, but I tried one of the new beta installers a while ago, and it worked fine. I'm reading over a few slackware install helps, cause I'm pretty much useless with just a command prompt in front of me after installation. Regarding the package management tools; I like apt-get a lot, but it just seems that new programs take a while to move into sid and then to sarge, which is a good thing in terms of reliability, but as a desktop user, and recent linux convert, I'd like to taste the newer features sooner.

I just wanted to know how to make a new installation easier, with for example copying my xfree86 configuration files and others (suggestions are welcome), and also get some of the cool features that are so easy to implement in libranet (mouse pointers and fonts) on to other distros.

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