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nitinbaldi 03-18-2007 01:32 AM

Mount pen drive at grub
Can anyone help me on how to mount a pen drive at the grub itself?
I am using Fedora Core 5. I am using suspend2 to hibernate the system. Suspend2 stores the snapshot of the memory in a file on the hard disk and while resuming, it reads the data from that same file. In my case, the file is present on the usb drive. So the pen drive needs to be mounted at the grub.
I have also tried not to unmount the pen drive and just hibernate with the pen drive mounted. But this didn't work for me. At the boot, the pen drive is not mounted.
Can anyone help me on how can I make my pen drive present i.e. mounted at the grub?
Or can anyone help me on how to boot the system using pen drive?
(Here I dont need the method something like "Damn Small Linux", but something in which my grub.conf will be on the pen drive and the pen drive becomes bootable)

aus9 03-18-2007 03:19 AM

I do not like nor use the resume function so can not help there but

if your bios can be upgraded or has the option to boot to a usb device then read the links on either using a linux or MS format to get grub into the mbr of the usb my signature

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