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weng 12-20-2003 02:46 AM

More questions from a beginner
Hi, still struggling to cope up with RedHat, everything's working fine except my scanner :( I have a few general questions I'd like to ask.

1. how do I set up local machine to accept connections, say how can a friend of mine telnet to my machine ? Is there a guide on this ?

2. my machine does not suspend/standby/shutoff at a time i specified in Power Management, I have disabled apm in Services (thought apm is for batteries only) Is there anything I can do about it ?

3. I cant seem to remove/customize the menu items, I was given an error that the action was not supported or something. I'm currently on Gnome environment.

4. I installed Firebird and uninstalled Mozilla. However, I found there're remnants of it left in some directories. Is there an application or function within linux I could use to trace these files ? Say on Windows, I could use InCtrl5 to track files added / deleted.

5. I found several running processes on System Monitor and not sure what they are, namely, bonobo-activation-server, ssh-agent, eggcups and gconfd-2. What are these ? Is it possible to shut these down ? I only have the following services to launch automatically at system startup: iptables , keytables, kudzu, network, sgi_fam, syslog, xinetd. What else do I need to maintain a healthy system and what else do I not need to conserve memory ?

Thank you in advance.

Zerodark 12-20-2003 10:52 AM

To answer 5, most of those things that are running are needed by GNOME to function properly.

trickykid 12-20-2003 12:46 PM

1. Don't use telnet, its insecure. Look into using ssh.

2. Most likely you'll need to enable ACPI as for APM is not just for batteries but alot of other things for laptops. Don't use apm if your on a desktop, etc.

3. In Gnome, you have to be root to customize the menu.

4. Don't uninstall Mozilla as Firebird still depends on alot of the libs and such to function properly.

5. Like Zerodark, those appear to be alot of processes that are running alongside Gnome. I would say don't mess with these, the eggcups is most likely for printing, etc, you could probably kill that off. I would use the ssh-agent like I mentioned in No. 1, it appears your system most likely is already running ssh, etc. I would keep or leave the others alone in order for Gnome to function properly.

weng 12-20-2003 01:01 PM

Hi Zerodark and trickykid, thanx very much for useful feedbacks.


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