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gutter007 01-31-2001 02:22 PM

video card: Integrated Intel 810 Chipset Graphics Driver
Red Hat: version 6.2
XFree86: version 3.3.6

I can't really run Xconfigurator. (I can, but when I first ran it it didn't detect my video card or monitor) I had to edit it by hand in order to get my Integrated Graphics Driver to work correctly. I did go in by hand, and entered in more screen sizes under screen section, Driver "SVGA", subsection display. I entered multiple modes, and when I restarted X, it would still open up in 640x480

ssadams 01-31-2001 05:39 PM

you better go back to redhats site and also intels.You need drivers and loads of instructions to make that vid work.Its a problem I see everywhere I go and is far to detailed to go into on a message board.If I were you I would save myself the headache and go buy a <$100 vid card(grab an ATI with the Mach64 cipset)and disable the onboard stuff.someone here might have that chipset and could help you.

jeremy 01-31-2001 07:25 PM

Here is more info from the Intel site.

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