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johncla 05-06-2002 11:55 PM

modem to cpu response time to slow?
I just installed mandrake 8.2, I have an external modem 33.6 on serial port tty0. my question: when i connect to the internet I get an error "not connected to the internet" before my modem even dials out. If I wait a few seconds my modem dials out and I can browse but I still get an error telling me that im not connected.
Is linux sending commands to the modem too fast? and if so
how do I slow them down?

johncla 05-07-2002 07:27 AM

never mind, i figured it out, from the "modem how-to".
the cpu to modem "communication speed" is controlled by DTE settings and can often be adjusted using various modem apps

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