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chay 01-22-2001 11:27 AM

I'm having trouble with my internet connection, my modem works fine, it dial and connect but then pppd died misteriously (that says the log).

Please, help me to stop my insanity! (i'm surfing in windoze!)

trickykid 01-22-2001 11:54 AM

When does it die? Does it ever connect or does it tell you its trying to authenticate you then die on the connection? What ISP are you using. I know a few ISP's require you to use your full email address for your login name instead of just the username or beginning of your email address.
Hope this helps...


chay 01-22-2001 12:13 PM

It connects ...
It connects, authenticate me, wait a little and then die. It works on bug95.
I'm using kppp and the gnome version ...

trickykid 01-22-2001 01:08 PM

How long of a wait, a minute, 30 seconds, 5 minutes? And what ISP is it? Have you checked their online help, I know most ISP's don't support it over the phone, but I have seen most give instructions to connect to them using Linux online.


chay 01-22-2001 01:44 PM

Waits 30-60 sec, my ISP is in Santiago de Chile :-) and, in my very old computer worked ... The on line help is *very* bad.

trickykid 01-22-2001 02:12 PM

Have you tried anything besides Kppp, like the Gnome dialup configuration, well, I know Redhat 7.0 comes with it. Can't think of any others that might. What Distro are you using?


chay 01-23-2001 03:25 PM

I'm using both, and i have RH 7.0, in the both happen the same thing ...
i'm going to throw RH!!! i can't compile the kernel too!!!

trickykid 01-24-2001 07:12 AM

RedHat 7 might be the problem. I have nothing but heard bad out of it, even Linus Torvalds dogged it, you might want to try Redhat 6.2 and see if that does the same thing 7 did.


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