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ugenn 12-12-2002 01:45 AM

Misc Qn
1. How can I extract files from an rpm package w/o actually
installing them (ie putting them in the proper directories)

2. When putting my computer into standby mode using apm,
the system clock screws up. Anyone has a similar experience
and knows a remedy?

3. Is it possible to use ldconfig to build an .so cache that
searches entries relative to a specified path in
and outputs a cache containing entries relative to another
path? What I mean is for eg, if I had an that has...

which are paths that are relative to /home/me, I want
to create an that contains the files in the above
entries but relative to /home/you so that entries in look like....


4. Which source tarball do the files in the RedHat RPM
glibc-common come from?

born4linux 12-12-2002 02:21 AM

1. man rpm2cpio or use mc to open the rpm and get the file that you want.
2. haven't experienced that one
3. I have no idea :)
4. get the source rpm. install it and then check /usr/src/redhat/SOURCE

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