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biggdady6998 09-26-2003 06:52 PM

Mirror Servers
I am trying to have a Linux Redhat 9 Server mirror my Redhat 8 server via SFTP over the internet. These two computers are not in the same location. Is there any way to perform this function?

david_ross 09-26-2003 06:57 PM

Rather than using SFTP I would look at using rsync over ssh. You can set up passwordless logins with ssh which works great for use with cron jobs. Then rsync is great for mirroring data since it will only update changed files and also delete fiels that have been deleted on the other side should you so wish.

biggdady6998 09-26-2003 07:02 PM

OK so you mention CRON jobs.....I am trying to learn these languages and confusing Architecture. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

david_ross 09-27-2003 08:12 AM

Cron just allows you to run tasks/commands at specified times - like "Task Scheduler" in Windows.

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