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BrianG 10-28-2001 07:45 PM

Maxtor ATA 100 PCI card; Linux
Hi, I am finally moving my main server over to Linux (Slackware 8). I have a Maxtor ATA 100 PCI card in it, which is basically a remarked Promise card. Is there a better supported card i should use? Thank You.

jharris 10-29-2001 03:02 AM

The promise cards are supported in the later 2.4 kernels (maybe earlier). I can dig out the module name if you wish but it was a while ago that I got it working... As for a 'better' supported card - pass, I can't say I've ever setup anything other than promise based controllers.



acid_kewpie 10-29-2001 03:34 AM

my Sunix CMD64x controller has always worked absolutely perfectly. Not had it all too long tho.. so there's always tmie for it to go wrong! it does however take upto a minute to find the connected devices on bios boot, any ideas how to make it go faster??

BrianG 10-29-2001 01:18 PM

Ok thanks i just have to transfer about 16 gigs of files and im reeady for linux :).

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