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plosiv 11-11-2004 03:23 AM

manpages not working

i've probably missed something when i installed my slackware 10. Whenever i want to view a man page i get the following error:

# man iptables
Error executing formatting or display command.
System command /bin/bzip2 -c -d /usr/man/cat8/iptables.8.bz2 | /usr/bin/less -is exited with status 256.

Does anyone know what i am missing or what is broken?


bigrigdriver 11-11-2004 10:57 AM

Slack can't find the iptables manpage in the location specified in the error message ( /usr/man/cat8/iptables.8.bz2). Verify that's where the manpage is located. If you find manpage somewhere else, try to correct the situation manually, like this:
export MANPATH
Then try again.

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