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Quaxo 12-02-2005 09:20 PM

Mandriva - Not Booting After Moving Hd, kernel panic
I have just installed Mandriva 2006 - trying to get rid of all the Windows-related hair-pulling - and (almost) everything seemed to work OK; I had installed it in a 120GB HD, located in my primary slave channel - thus it was called hdb.
Now, I have to move the hard disk to another channel, the secondary slave (hdd). I tried just moving it there and booting from it, GRUB would load and show the usual list, but it wouldn't accept any selection.
I then edited the GRUB commands, changing every occurrence of hdb to hdd, and now it tries to load, but then fails after a few seconds, with a Kernel panic, giving an error like "could not synch, try init= option" or something like that. Reading some of the lines of text, it looks like it's looking for some 'hdb/something' folders and obviously can't find them.

What can I do to fix the situation? I really wouldn't want to reinstall everything from scratch, now that I had set everything up like I wanted!

Thanks in advance for any help,

LinuxSeeker 12-03-2005 02:31 PM

If you installed /home in a seperate partition you will be able to keep all user configuration by re-installing only the main system.

Quaxo 12-03-2005 03:07 PM

Thank you very much for the reply... But, do you really mean that I have to reinstall? Is there really no way to just tell the system that it is now in hdd instead of hdb? That's not really user-friendly...
I'm a newbie to Linux, and while I made a separate partition for /home, I'm not sure that everything is there... Actually I think I installed several apps which put files in other folders (/usr is one I remember, but there were others)... I would hate having to find and install again everything!

LinuxSeeker 12-03-2005 07:13 PM

Re-installing the base system will allow you to keep the data stored in other partitions (such as user data and user configuration). Applications are usually installed under system directories (/usr etc) so by re-installing the base system all these programs will be erased.

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