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lionel_82 11-02-2004 06:00 PM

mandrake kernel upgrade causes kde crash handler
Hi all,

I just upgraded my kernel in mandrake 10.0 and after the install I rebooted. As the kde splash screen loads I get the kde crash handler pop up saying something crashed (I can't remember what at this stage but I don't think what is the problem here). Once running every time I close a kde application such as konqueror or konsole, or any of those starting with K basically the crash handler pops up. I had the same problem a while ago upgrading the kernel and so I un-installed it again and all was fine. After uninstalling this time all is not fine and the problem didn't go away :(.

Anyone got any ideas? If not I'm heading for a re-install in a few weeks, I want to upgrade to 10.1 official anyway so if I can't solve the problem then that is the way I will do it.



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