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ecology447 06-10-2004 05:35 PM

Mandrake installation - 'killed my Win XP!!
Somebody help!!

Well this is how it all happened..

my mandrake 10.0 installation was acting wierd.. so i "tried" to re-install the whole thing after removing...

-'Went into my WinXP's control panel>administrative tools... and erased the partition carrying Mandrake.

-Booted with the Mandrake CD.. and tried to re-install it... It had detected that one of my partitions was already messed - so i got a warning.. "Sorry.. cant read the partition" or something.... telling me that i could proceed by letting the setup "fix" the whole partition thingie.

-So i did.. it took about 5 secs.. and all of a sudden... my XP partition started showing as the primary boot partition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:


So now.. all the data on my PC is gone!..... i need to do a data recovery,

Ive tried "TestDisk" to reconstruct my Boot partitions.. and File System (FAT32). - Its not really helping.

I DONT care if my current O/S settings get nuked.. i just want my previous data back!!

It had my sister's Wedding pics on it.. im dead if i cant retrieve them.

so somebody HELLPP!!! :(


'also.... contribute in any way your guys posibbly can.. im not a total goof.. Ill understand even if you get technical with me. :)

Adam A Flynn 06-10-2004 06:48 PM

When I wiped my MBR, I used gpart to try to reconstruct my partition data. Google gpart and try to d/l it (it's a Linux proggy that'll guess at your partition data). From there, use parted or fdisk under Linux to reconstruct your partition table manually.

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