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awtoc123 09-10-2002 10:54 PM

Mandrake 9 rc2
Hi there is tehre anybody who can help with the following:

1 ) Windows fonts in mandrake 8.1 works 100% correct, but in Mandrake 9 RC2 I can not get a good result.

2 ) Chinese input in Mandrake 9 RC2 well I can not fugure out how to get it to work, in Mandrake 8.1 no problem

apart from that Mandrake 9 looks like it could be a very nice OS

Thymox 09-11-2002 06:34 PM

Mandrake 9 is/will be a big overhaul of the Mandrakes. As such, many things will take time to be bug-hunted. My best advice would be to send in a bug report with as much detail as you can muster, and keep an eye on the changelogs.


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