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wright_pm 04-25-2003 06:12 PM

making backup image of dual boot RH8/w2k - How?
Q. How can you make a backup copy of a dual boot hard drive which consists of linux and win2k. Have tried ghost 2001/2/3 and they go through the usual image creation process from the boot disk but the final ghost image says "grub" when I attempt to boot to it. Very perplexing to me.

Have been told to use drive image but doesn't appear to do the trick.

Has anyone made successful dual boot image? It is for laptop but shouldn't be relevant.

Thanks in advance :)

Paul Wright Manchester UK.

Whitehat 04-25-2003 10:02 PM

Have you tried, or looked into dd?

It is included in linux and makes great disk images of hard drives, floppies, or whatever.

Try it. All that can happen is it don't work ;)

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