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Fajkowsky 11-13-2012 04:12 AM

Maiking linux server on ARM platform
Hey, I want to make in my home simple FTP/web or NAS server and I think I buy raspberry pi for this. And as you know is on ARM architecture, I am newbie with linux and I don't know if everything(programs) will be working on this? I need only command line on raspberry I don't need GUI.

Thanks for answers :)

theNbomr 11-13-2012 10:07 AM

There is an official RPi distro that has most of the standard GNU & other open source software built for the RPi. The distro can be copied to an SD flash, from which the RPi will boot. There is a working cross toolchain to build most other things using a conventional x86 Linux host. I have used it, and it works fine. I think there is a native toolchain in the distro, but doing software development on such a resource constrained system would be very slow.
Do not expect x86 binaries to work at all on any non-x86 platform (or vice-versa).
Since the Pi has little or no storage capability, using it as a NAS server seems like a curious application.
---- rod.

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