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muff 07-27-2007 02:18 AM

LVM: The Impact of Reducing a Logical Volume Size?

I have a volume group consisting of four partitions on a disk, called vgshare, of 150GB

Within it I have a single logical volume, taking up the entire 150GB.

Within it, I have a XFS file system, that is 98GB in size.

So I have just over 50GB unused in the lv, in which I would like to create a new lv. I don't need to reduce the XFS fs - and I can't obviously (I would like to!). So I know that the XFS file system is smaller than the logical volume it sits in, but I cannot be certain where exactly within the extents of the lv that it resides.

So if I tell the lv to reduce by 50GB, what is the impact? Does LVM know enough about what it contains to intelligently reduce size without wiping out data? It would appear not by the warning message it gives me, but I figured this was one of the benefits of LVM.



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