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Ammad 02-17-2009 03:36 PM

lvm snapshot
hi all,

I am using Lvm 1.3TB to store data. i want to backup it and move it to DR site. using lvm snapshot i can copy 1.3TB in a minute but how do i move it to Disaster recovery (DR) site.

i am using 1.3 TB for data , and added second disk 1.3TB to existing Volume Group to snapshot of data, but what to do next.

if i remove it from VolumeGroup,will it delete all data.

thanks for suggestions.

eco 02-18-2009 08:03 AM


I'm not sure why you want to use a snapshot?

If you want your new site to have the exact same data.

unmount the lvm that holds the data. Mount it back in read only and copy the data the the new server using rsync or whichever way you want. Then start the services on the new server and stop the old.

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