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fbenites 08-04-2006 10:48 AM

lvm disk fail and upgrade questions
Hi. Iīm using lvm to get togheter 2 IDE hard drives and 2 SCSI and runnng suse 10.0 . Everything is runnng fine, but I have 2 questions about it:
  1. If some of the hard drives fail, is there a way to at least recover the data that is on the other disks?
  2. If I need to upgrade or change the linux distro, how can I import the lvm settings to use it again? Suse is not installed in lvm, itīs installed in a normal partition in one of the scsi drives.

Oh, I donīt know the right category for this topic, so moderator, feel free to change it ok?

Thanks in advance! :D

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