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jjge 11-26-2003 07:50 AM

lp filename yields "cannot open connection to localhost - Connection refused"
I am using CUPS on Slackware. When I try to print from a shell, using lp or lpr, I get:

cannot open connection to localhost - Connection refused
Make sure the remote host supports the LPD protocol
and accepts connections from this host and from non-privileged (>1023) ports
Waiting 10 seconds before retry

But localhost is reachable (ping and telnet work). I can also print from KDE applications, but not from shell!

ter_roshak 11-26-2003 08:35 AM

Is it one specific file, or any file that you try to print from a shell? Also, I have had problems in the past when I have had the lpd service started and CUPS didn't you may want to verify that.


jjge 11-26-2003 08:39 AM

it happens with any (printable) file from my home dir.

Sumerman 12-29-2003 12:02 AM

Most likely you also installed lprng when you installed CUPS in Slackware. Run removepkg on the lprng package (see /var/log/packages to see if you have installed the lprng package). If it's there, that is probably the problem. After you have removed lprng, you will probably need to reinstall CUPS and perhaps reinstall your printer again. Under CUPS, lpr is a symbolic link to lpr-cups. If you have installed lprng on top of CUPS, the symbolic link doesn't exist and you are actually running the lpr that is part of lprng rather than lpr-cups.

Good luck!

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