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arch13 10-20-2005 11:22 AM

Login screen disappears upon disconnection of network
dear users,
I'm facing a strange problem. I'm using FC3 in Dell laptop with dual boot. I had high speed internet (HSI) connection. I could do dial up. Everything was allright.

When I disconnected the HSI the problem started. It got stuck while enabling the redhat network services and the logon screen never comes. In this situation, if I switched off the machine without proper shutdown (which anyway was not possible because there's no login screen) the login screen appeared. But next time I reboot it (properly) it won't come. And next time, after switching it off it used to come back again.

Looking at this situation, I thought the network is giving the problem. Since there's no network, I thought, the rhns must be still trying to find it out and hangs. So I disabled it. But the situation remained. Then I disabled to start all the daemons connected to network at boot time, and the biggest disaster happened. Now the login screen never comes, even if I switch it off.

I can go to single user mode, but do not know how to change settings in text mode to get back my settings and fix the problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

thanks a lot.

Emerson 10-21-2005 05:33 AM

Did you shut down sendmail? It is known to cause delays when DNS is not accessible.

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