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drTronic 02-17-2010 09:11 PM

Logging in sends me back to Xubuntu login screen.. I'm trapped!!
Hi LQ,

When I start up my computer Xubuntu is asking me to login (which is strange as I have login disabled).
Then, when I do enter my password, it is accepted and after a few screen changes I am returned to the login screen. (I know the password is correct as the login screen informs you immediately if you enter it incorrectly.)
Also, I can see that my display settings have been changed--the monitor resolution is wrong--my cursor is way big as are buttons, text etc..

I have urgent work to do and this is holding me up.. :(

Any help appreciated,

AlucardZero 02-17-2010 10:17 PM

The "screen changes" usually say something. What do they say?

Anyway this is usually caused by your home directory being missing or unreadable. Switch to a TTY (ctrl+alt+f1), log in - perhaps as root - and fix it.

drTronic 02-17-2010 10:44 PM

The screen goes black, then we get the xubuntu startup splash with the little cloud of dots, then black, then back to login screen....

What does TTY mean?
How do I 'fix it'?

How do I use terminal to login into my xfce desktop environment? I can choose to login to a terminal session, it's only when I attempt to login to xfce that this problem occurs..

ps - you may able to tell from my posts that I am not highly technical/a programmer, please help a relative noob get back to my work.. :)


drTronic 02-17-2010 11:23 PM

Since I started this thread I have been googling hard for a fix to this xfce4 infinite login problem..

I am not the first person to experience this problem, it appears to be a random bug with some (unknown) connection to changing the screen resolution.

I found a good deal of threads in other forums where people were taking some extreme, and at times system-destroying, measures to fix this bug. I remained skeptical of deleting system configuration files etc etc

Here's the fix:

At the Xubuntu login password entry screen you have an option (down below on the panel) to either login for an xfce session, or a terminal session.

Select terminal session, enter your password and a terminal window will open. Now type


and hit return.. xfce starts and you are in your desktop environment.

This is a workaround rather than a fix, but it is simple and it works.

If anyone experiences this problem I hope this thread will help you as I saw some pretty extremem suggestions out there in the internets

Peace out,

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