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wincrk 02-27-2003 03:51 AM

lock and calendar command in Redhat

This time i got another question (another unsolved problem actually). i am currently using redhat 7.3. in the command line, when i typed 'lock' and 'calendar', both did not works. why is that happened. what should i change? or is there any other command whisch is equivalent to this both two commands.

Mik 02-27-2003 09:12 AM

What where you expecting to get when you typed those commands? If you where looking to start a program then you should probably install the program first. Search the packages on your source cd's. Or try to find them online.

You can always go to to search for calendar programs if that's what you are looking for.
And with lock where you trying to lock your screen. I think xlock would be the x equivalent for that.

wincrk 02-27-2003 10:00 AM

ooopps, sorry if my question seem to be a little bit foolish question. anyway, thanx for helping.

wincrk 03-02-2003 08:12 AM


the xlock did not working on my system. i am using redhat 7.3

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