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joe_sixpack 02-18-2004 05:45 PM

location of kernel source
I've got a problem where I'm trying to install some intel network card drivers for my machine.

I've downloaded the tar.gz file from Intel then I ran this command:

rpmbuild -tb nicdriver.tar.gz

I get the error "cannot locate kernel source". I then stuck in my Red Hat sources CD and installed the package named kernel-2.4.9-e.12.src.rpm using the following command:

rpm -Uvh kernel-2.4.9-e.12.src.rpm

That package installed without a problem. But I still continue to get the cannot locate kernel source when ever I run either rpmbuild or use the make install command.

I moved into /lib/modules it had a broken symlink build -> /usr/src/linux-2.4.9-e.12.

the dir /usr/src only had a single sub folder named "redhat". So I created a symlink in the /usr/src dir using this command:

ln -s /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES linux-2.4.9-e.12

I still get the kernel source error... HELP! I'd love to get my machine to work on my LAN.

Linux_in_NH 02-18-2004 06:27 PM

You did not install the Linux kernel source files. Go back and undo all of the links that you did (as they are all wrong). Then, look for a file more like 'kernel-source-*'. That is the source code for the kernel.
What you installed was the RPM source for the kernel. Not the same thing.

joe_sixpack 02-19-2004 03:45 AM

Thank you for you help Linux_in_NH, I found the kernel source not on the source CD's but rather the binary CD's.. :o

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