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jtwJGuevara 03-13-2004 04:00 AM

location of automount configuration
I am currently running the slackware 9.0 distribution and am wishing to setup the automount daemon to automount my cdroms and floppies. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the auto.master (I believe this is the name of the file) that is responsible for the configuration of the automount daemon. I searched through the /etc directory to no avail. Does anyone know where this file might be located so that I may use the automount daemon how I see fit.

Thanks in advance.

edit: This probably needs to go into the Slackware forum, my apologies for the erronous posting to General

Slacker_Rex 03-13-2004 08:42 AM

According to man automount, this can be a file of any name you wish, you just have to identify it:

map Location of mapfile to use. This is an absolute
UNIX pathname in the case for maps of types file or
program, and the name of a database in the case for
maps of type yp, nisplus, or hesiod.

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