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qanopus 11-29-2002 04:23 AM

loading modules at boot
I'm trying to load a module at boot. I have seached this form for the awnser, but I found not thread to solve my problems.
The problem is that the files that people at talking about in those threads, arn't there on my system. I don't have a rc.d directory in /etc, I don't have a rc.local file and the file in /etc/rc.boot/boot.local doesn't seem to do any thing. How do I make a module load at boot? I know there is /etc/modules.conf file, but arn't only alliases defined in this file?
I did do "man rc.boot". It told me that the rc.boot directory is obselete, and that I should use the rcS.d directory instead. But putting my boot.local script in there did'nt help. In the readme file in that directory it says the files in /etc/rcS.d are all symbolic links to scripts that are executed at boot. But how do I make such a script?
I'm using debian woody.

qanopus 11-29-2002 04:52 AM

There are some aditional questions. Whats the deal with runlevels in debian? I'm running X at the moment. Should'nt I be in runlevel 5 then? But wheni do "runlevel", it return's "N 2". How come ??
I'm asking this because the scripts in rcN.d (with N a number) at being run at the start of the respective run levels. Now I don't know where to put my start up script.

qanopus 11-29-2002 05:16 AM

Ok, I got it fixed. Things are diverent now then it was when I was using suse.
Here is what I did.
Make a script myscript in init.d like :

modproble mydriver

make it executable and run "update-rc.d myscript defaults". This will create symbolic links to the rcS.d directory. reboot and you will see your module being loaded.
Until now I'v been the only one replying to my own thread. But it is still important that people read this thread. I think the buissinus of loading modules has changed. I don't know I this is also true for other distro's then debian. If so, I would really like to know. Also, if I did something wrong or inefficient, pleace let me know. Other comments are more then welcome.

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