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jhirshon 04-21-2006 07:10 PM

Linux vs UNIX BSD
What's the difference between UNIX BSD and Linux?



gilead 04-21-2006 07:18 PM

There's no easy answer to that, partly because there isn't one Linux and there isn't one BSD. Have a look at for a BSD user's perspective, and searching google for Linux vs BSD brings back more hits than you could ever read.

Were there some specific areas of comparison you were interested in?

jhirshon 04-22-2006 06:33 AM

Thanks very much. Your response was very informative.

What motivated the question was Apple's decision to use BSD for OS X.

Thanks again,

jlliagre 04-22-2006 09:38 AM

I guess one of the motivations of Apple's choice is that Linux license doesn't allow to link proprietary code with it.

BSD license doesn't have this requirement.

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