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icegood 05-06-2020 09:34 AM

linux old buildroot : bluetooth connection from shell
Hi there.

I have an old enough buildroot tree with a relatively new kernel. All packages inside are old enough. For example, bluez5-utils is 0f 5.21 (this is dictated by my toolchain).
I have also qemu image that works fine with that and I have bluetooth device inside.

I want to create a connection with external mobile phone via hcitool/hci

For this moment I'm able to create turn on device and scan others via:

hciconfig hci0 up piscan
hciconfig hci0 name <my_name>
hcitool scan / hcitool lescan

Now I'm able to see device outside and my device is available from outside with name <my_name> as well. What's next? How to create a connection form shell?

P.S. Please, do no suggest bluetoothctl that is available from v 5.44 of bluez.

pan64 05-10-2020 12:33 PM

probably you can find something useful here:
or here: (but probably you found them already)

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