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phillhw 09-25-2001 08:05 AM

Linux stand alone mp3 player / car audio
I will start this forum for anyone who is interested or currently building stand alone pc based mpg players and having problems
My problem is that i would like to know which part of the boot sequence (eg which script in the /sbin/init should my player software ( perl script ) be activated so that it automatically starts reading the keyboard (suse7.1 kernel 2.2.18).

isajera 09-26-2001 12:04 AM

... just toss it on the end of a boot-up script. on my system it's the /sbin/init.d/boot script.

phillhw 09-27-2001 04:49 AM

i put a couple of lines at the end of the /sbin/init.d/boot script to start my matrox orbital display start a perl script displaying a boot message on the display. I did the same thing at the end of the /sbin/init.d/halt script to display a shutdown message.
I put a link to the actual player perl script in the list under /sbin/init.d/rc3 so that the player starts after the networking has been activated. I need to be able to telnet to do admin or when i ftp new songs to the hardrive.
It works a treat thanks.

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